PHP Cheatsheets


Juliette Reinders Folmer, photo by Chris Shiflett

Who’s behind this ?

My name is Juliette Reinders Folmer. I’m a business consultant who just happens to have a knack for programming. I’m self-employed, operating under the name “Advies en zo„ and am based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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Why did you make this site ?

You know those really hard to debug irritating issues which can really drive you bonkers ?

Yeah, so do I. And while trying to debug some of those, these cheat sheets were ‘born’. And I’ve been using them ever since.

Want to learn more or test your knowledge ?

Hire me ;-)

Based on some of the gotcha’s I came across, I created The Big “Why equal doesn’t equal„ quiz, a talk which I’ve presented at numerous PHP conferences and meetings.

  • If you are a conference organizer and would like the add the quiz to your conference program, please contact me to make arrangements.
  • If you work with PHP, manage a team of programmers or otherwise know people who could benefit from this knowledge, you can hire me to give an extended session at your company or organization.

Found a mistake ? Want more tests ? or more cheatsheets ?

Go ahead: open an issue or send in a pull request.